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What Does Underground Utilities Mean?

What Does Underground Utilities Mean?

Underground utilities are any public service infrastructures installed beneath the ground surface. Underground utilities include electric cables, telecommunication and data cables, water and sewer pipelines, and gas and oil pipelines. These utility lines are often a lifeline of human society and help a community function properly. They are usually installed beneath the ground for convenience, safety, and aesthetic outcomes.

New utility lines are being installed underground by default. However, most older utility lines are still above ground and need to be buried. This is especially true for overhead electric cables that can topple in areas prone to high winds, such as a hurricane or a tornado.

Water, gas, and oil pipelines installed on the ground surface are prone to theft and vandalism and are best buried underground.

Underground utility infrastructure is typically installed and maintained by relevant public utility companies. The utility companies responsible for their installation must typically seek approval from local government authorities before construction commences to ensure that the intended utility location is within the appropriate right-of-way.

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