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Before deciding on contracting for excavation and grading of a commercial parking lot, there are numerous factors to consider. Making the right choice is imperative because a wrong decision in this area can cost your company lots of money. Moreover, the condition of your company’s commercial parking lot speaks a lot about the company’s brand.

From your clients to your suppliers, a commercial parking lot can create a positive impact on them if constructed properly. A dilapidated parking lot can portray a negative image which can hurt the business financially. As such, accounting for all the relevant factors involved in the construction of a commercial parking lot is extremely important.

Maintenance Costs

Since a commercial parking lot like that of a warehouse deals with the incessant flow of traffic and heavy duty vehicles, maintenance issues are likely to recur frequently. Therefore, regular inspections must be carried out to check for any cracks or tears in the surface. It is vital to make repairs promptly to enable operations to be carried out smoothly. If left unchecked, it can result in major damages which aren’t just expensive but can also heavily disrupt day to day operations.

Maintenance Plan

As maintenance activity will be an ongoing process, a proper plan should be drafted for this purpose. Things to consider in this regard will be the adequate supply of repair materials, availability of trained employees to carry out basic repairs or availability of an excavation and grading contractor to fix major repairs. If a maintenance plan is put in place, damage control can be done swiftly. Moreover, other alternative routes can be demarcated quickly to avoid areas under repair which will facilitate the smooth flow of daily operations.

Budget Setting

Before you can go ahead with the excavation of a commercial parking lot, you need to set a budget. Without having a fair idea of how much your company is willing to spend, you should not undertake such a major project. The first step is to survey and carry out an assessment of the property. You also need to determine the condition of the subgrade as this is the surface on which the paving material will be laid out. If the subgrade is not in good condition, you will need to prepare it beforehand, and the budget will also need to take these costs into account.


Since the commercial parking lot will be witnessing the movement of different types of vehicles including heavy lorries, safety is a key factor to consider. Zones for loading and unloading, parking and movement of pedestrians and vehicles need to be designated and marked clearly to avoid accidents. Moreover, these signs will also facilitate the smooth flow of people and goods.

Paving Material

There are many different options to choose from when deciding on the right paving material as each material differs in terms of its density and thickness. From asphalt to crushed stone, the material you choose depends, in part, on the traffic flow, the strength of the subgrade and useful life of the commercial parking lot.


With so many factors affecting the construction of a commercial parking lot, it is imperative to choose a professional and reputable contractor like Merlo Construction that can not only help you choose but also construct the parking lot properly.

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