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The Partner Elevation Pledge: Embracing a new mindset and a new way of working collaboratively with

Increasingly complex capital projects and an acute skilled labor shortage means builders and operators are forced to take on riskier partners. As we navigate the most challenging labor market in our American history, the safety and financial risks our partners bring to the job are compounding:

  • Every year in the U.S., there are roughly 150,000 injuries on job sites, and over 5,000 construction workers lose their lives.

  • 96% of construction businesses fail before they reach ten years of age. This is the highest failure rate of any industry.

  • Small business fairs worse: Injury rates among firms with 11 to 49 employees are 5x the rate for those with over 1,000 employees.

Let's face it: our industry's approach to risk isn't working.

The world's leading companies are turning to Partner Elevation and leaving traditional prequalification practices in the past where they belong. Partner Elevation represents a fundamental shift across our industry — from an over-reliance on up-front partner screening to a more collaborative, dynamic approach to risk mitigation across the project lifecycle.

Highwire, previously known as ConstructSecure, is driving the Partner Elevation movement.

"The company's new name reflects the high stakes of Partner Elevation and our ability to mitigate risks in both the construction and operation of capital projects, said Garrett Burke, Founder, and President at Highwire. "And to show our commitment towards elevating the entire industry, we've launched The Partner Elevation Pledge." We launched the Pledge because the industry deserves better: it's time to start treating contracting partners like strategic partners, requiring an entirely new mindset and framework for execution."

By signing The Partner Elevation Pledge, you're pledging to meet partners wherever they are on their journey and collaborate to deliver better work. In addition, you're committing to helping them build a safer and more enduring business by dynamically mitigating risk together.

For the first 500 signatures, Highwire will donate $10 to Russell CARES & The Rosendin Foundation, two organizations dedicated to elevating the people of their communities and the industry.

H.J. Russell and Rosendin are Highwire customers that embody the Partner Elevation mindset, made apparent by the way they treat their contracting partners like strategic partners and the work done by their charitable foundations.

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