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Michigan road construction returns with projects on I-75, I-696, and Telegraph resuming

Michigan road construction is back in full swing with many projects on I-75, I-696, and Telegraph roads resuming. The state government has allocated $2 billion to fund the projects over the next three years, making it one of the largest public works investments in Michigan's history.

I-75 is a major artery in the state, connecting Detroit to Saginaw and points north. In order to reduce congestion and improve safety along this route, new construction is underway. This includes repaving more than 70 miles of I-75 and resurfacing an additional 40 miles of the highway. The project also includes adding new lanes for increased capacity and replacing several bridges along the route. The project is expected to be completed by 2022.

The I-696 corridor connects Interstate 94 to Interstate 96 and 275, serving as a vital link between Detroit and its suburbs. As part of this construction, the road will be widened from eight to ten lanes in some areas for improved traffic flow. Construction crews are also replacing seven bridges along the corridor and improving lighting throughout this stretch of highway. This project is expected to be finished sometime in 2021.

Finally, Telegraph Road connects Detroit's Eastern Market area with suburban communities north of the city. This stretch of roadway is undergoing extensive improvements including resurfacing more than five miles of roadway and adding a third lane in each direction for increased capacity during peak hours of travel. Alongside these changes, bicycle lanes will be added for safer bike access as well as other amenities designed to improve pedestrian safety such as lighting upgrades and crosswalk improvements. The Telegraph Road reconstruction should wrap up by late 2020 or early 2021.

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is investing heavily in these projects in order to improve safety on some of Michigan's most traveled routes while reducing traffic congestion across the state.

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